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Diálogos Cuerpo-Hábitat
Anaís Córdova-Páez (Quito, 1989)
She is dedicated to reflecting on how politics, ecology, gender and moving images dialogue in the age of Internet. Her work puts care at the center as a way to challenge the processes of creativity in film production and exhibition. She has collaborated with artists and collectives from the global south. She is director of the short film Lubricas (2016) and the series Amazonia+Covid (2020). She holds a master's degree on film curating studies from Elias Querejeta Zine Eskola- San Sebastian/Donostia and was fellow from Flaherty seminar 2022. She is programmer of Equis Festival de Cine Feminista- Ecuador and has programmed in the Balkans, Spain, and Colombia. Her projects as creator, curator and producer talk about gender, ecology, autonomy and pleasure from a decolonial point of view.
The performativity of experimental filmmaking involves questioning materiality and imagination. Experiment leaves room for error and puts sensation, content, chance and representation at the centre.

Every being has an ecosystem that is contained within a larger system around it. Performativity constitutes the political, physical, chemical, and sensorial, elements that revolve around the practice and constitute the system of reflection of each moving image work in this exhibit.

At a time when the imagination is in crisis, experimental film has the power to transgress the uniformity of the imagination. Science and art intertwine, transcending traditional practices of making and grounding the possibility of creating representations outside the human narrative structure.

The beings and processes represented in these works invite us to construct imaginaries of life outside the anthropocentric norm by appealing to the senses from unknown or illogical places. Their sonorities, textures and identity plays make Diálogos Cuerpo-Hábitat / Les dialogues Corps/hábitat a questioning ground of representation and existence.